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Monday, April 21, 2008

Jesus the Christ --James Talmage

Jesus the Christ by James Talmage is the absolute gold standard in the LDS church for books about the life of the Savior. It is one of only a handful of books that missionaries are asked to bring with them on their missions to study from. It was written at the beginning of the last century when Elder Talmage was serving as an apostle. He was given a room in the SLC Temple to work on this most special of biographies. There is a mormon urban legend (which I have no way of substantiating :) ) that says Albert Einstein (a contemporary of JT's) was asked what it was like to be the smartest man on earth and he said "I don't know, ask James Talmage." OK-I am pretty sure that is not a true story, but I am sure that the whole 'smartest man alive thing' it is not too far off the mark!! Talmage is certainly one of the most brilliant intellects of the Latter-Day.

This book was chosen because 2007 was the year of study in the New Testament for Gospel Doctrine. A schedule was made up inviting the sisters as well as the Priesthood brethren to study a few chapters a week in order to finish by the end of the year. Julia Martinez, a life long member who had recently returned to activity in our ward, was asked to summarize the chapters for the women in RS every other week. She did an absolutely fantastic job!!!

In Mormon scholarship, no study of the life of the Savior would be complete without reading this book. While it is certainly difficult reading, it is a book that truly will reward the readers with a richer understanding of the life of our Lord.See Description Here

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