This is a blog for the Durango 2nd Ward Book Club.  Anyone can be in the club and anyone can post comments.  With our busy lives, we decided to try a virtual book club meeting here in the blogosphere!  Thanks for coming.

Please post any comments, questions, thoughts, or insights you may have on the books here.  Michelle Gilleland has chosen the books up to this point, but she welcomes any ideas on future picks.  She has posted a little bit about each book and maybe why it was chosen.  Have anything to add? Share your thoughts!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Heart Like His --Virginia Pearce

For our first official Book Club selection, I wanted to get a book that was easy to read with a great message. I think everyone wants to become more like the Savior, but frankly sometimes it seems a bit daunting. I like this book because it encourages you to have a heart more like His, and it helps you do it in small ways that are actually effective. It invites the reader to make small changes in their day to day routine without having to change everything you are doing all at once. See Description Here

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