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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mere Christianity --CS Lewis

CS Lewis was a British author who really became well known during World War II when he did a series of radio shows about religion. What can I say, the guy is SMART! Although not a member of the church, he was so right on with so many gospel principle that it's spooky. Actually, I think it is a testament to the fact that God leads us in truth if we seek it. CS Lewis used to be an athiest and because of this he begins this book with the idea that God indeed exists, and here's the proof. He then goes on to examine what Christians believe and how they behave. My personal favorite is his chapter on Pride. He nails it, and really helps me to take a hard look at myself.
I have to admit, he is not easy to read. He's a lot smarter than me and I think that's why I struggle at times with him. I find that if I read it with a British accent in my head that it's easier to follow (no, seriously!). I think this is an important book because Lewis is one of the most widely read Christian authors on the planet and we should be able to talk with our other Christian friends about him. Over the course of the book club, I am occassionally trying to choose non-LDS authors who are great disciple of Christ. I think CS Lewis is one of these.See Description Here

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