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Monday, April 21, 2008

Return From Tomorrow --George Ritchie

For the first quarter of 2008 I felt impressed to do a book about life after death. This was prompted by visiting with a dear friend of mine. She had recently lost her dad and really was struggling with it. She said she had read a book called The Message by Lance Richardson and had found it to be very comforting. She liked the fact that people who have passed on are very aware of us and are helping us all the time. I like that idea too.

I read The Message, reread Embraced by the Light, started reading a book called 90 minutes in Heaven (yawn) but didn't finish it, then ordered a copy of Return From Tomorrow. It is a book I first read in college and I have always remembered it.

Of course, I settled on RFT. This is a book written by a non-member. Knowing that, I think it makes this book all the more compelling as you read his experience after dying in an army hospital during WWII. His description of the Spirit World is amazing. I was especially struck with the idea that whatever our physical bodies are addicted to in this life is torturous in the next as we no longer have our bodies to experience those things. I think this book is truly a small glimpse of what is going on in the next life.
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Jen said...

one of the best stories I read so far 2 thumbs up!!!