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Monday, April 21, 2008

Believing Christ --Stephen Robinson

What can I say about this book? It is truly amazing. One of the goals I had with this book club was to occasionally choose books every member of the church should have in their personal library. This is one of those books. This book is written for the active LDS audience and is a powerful reminder of the infinite reach of the Atonement. We read this book in March 2007 leading up to General Conference and Easter Sunday. Just recently, I was teaching a RS lesson on the Savior (March 2008). It is interesting in Mormon culture how we sometimes focus so much on our works that we forget our complete need for Grace. That is why I love this book. It is a wonderful reminder that no matter who we are, we fall short of perfection and are truly lost without the saving power of the Atonement. While many of us believe IN Christ, we fail to BELIEVE Christ when He promises us He has the power to save us. With this book available in paperback for only $6, there is no reason not to have it. See Description Here

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