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Please post any comments, questions, thoughts, or insights you may have on the books here.  Michelle Gilleland has chosen the books up to this point, but she welcomes any ideas on future picks.  She has posted a little bit about each book and maybe why it was chosen.  Have anything to add? Share your thoughts!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

21 Days Closer to Christ --Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman is a dear friend of John's. I have wanted to do a book by her since we started the book club at the beginning of 2007. Her previous book, the 10 Virgins, isn't long enough to be a book we'd use. When her new book came out I hoped we would be able to do it at some point.
I wasn't planning to start a new book until April when the 2nd quarter begins, but at the first of March I really felt like we needed to do this book before Easter. I quickly ordered a dozen books and my amazing friend Lanae Mann helped me make invitations for all of the sisters in our ward for the book. I got a great response and ordered 20 more books. We began reading the book on March 3rd and finished it 21 days later on Easter Sunday March 24th. This book has beautiful artwork and beautiful stories. Each day our family tried to read the scriptures (we missed a few days!!) that corresponded with each chapter. a great excercise for anyone looking to enhance their personal relationship with the Savior. See Description Here


Laurene Ross said...

This book sounds wonderful. I am going to order it tonight. Thanks for the recomendation.It seems like you have a great thing going there in your Ward. Good luck with the next book.

Deb Phillips said...

Michelle - just a note to say Thank you for all you extra effort and special kindness in getting all the books - you are the best. I did not see a way to post anything for the May blog message so I will do it here and check back later.